What is TasWind?

TasWind is a concept that involves building around 200 wind turbines on suitable areas of King Island. If it proceeds, it would generate approximately 2400 GWh (gigawatt hours) of renewable energy, enough to power nearly a quarter of a million households. The project would connect to the National Electricity Market in Victoria via a high-voltage underwater cable across Bass Strait.

TasWind would cost around $2 billion to construct. The concept is being developed on the basis that it is a commercially viable business opportunity that would benefit all Tasmanians. As Australia’s leading clean energy business, Hydro Tasmania is ideally placed to develop the concept into a project.

King Island is ideal for hosting the turbines, due to its exposure to the famous ‘Roaring Forties’, a world-class wind resource.


TasWind would provide community benefits through job creation and economic stimulus, attract industry to King Island, enhance existing infrastructure, provide payments for use of land and promote the King Island brand.

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