Land-owner consultation

To successfully develop the TasWind project, Hydro Tasmania will need to enter into a number of land agreements to develop and operate the wind farm.

As the key investigation areas are refined it will be important to understand the expectations, needs and views of land-owners, both those who may have turbines or wind farm infrastructure on their property, and their neighbours.

Are land-owners paid for hosting turbines?

We are developing an approach to making payments for the use of land. The principles of this approach include:

  • paying land-owners with wind turbines and/ or infrastructure on their land. These payments will be based on a consistent methodology
  • recognising restrictions on land use on neighbouring properties
  • investigating funding and other opportunities with the community for the King Island community.

While no figure has yet been set for lease and other payments to land-owners, there is broad information available about how much will be set aside each year for direct payments if the TasWind project proceeds. Read more in the Economic benefits section of this website.

Where will the turbines be placed?

Many factors, including environmental and technical constraints, could exclude some parcels of land from being suitable for placing turbines.

The final location of wind turbines on individual properties will not be decided for some time. Before the location of turbines or other infrastructure is finalised the relevant land-owners and near neighbours will be consulted.

If you are a land-owner and would like to discuss locating wind turbines on your land, please contact the project team.

Read more in the TasWind landowner agreements and payments factsheet >