Consultative Committee

The TasWind Consultative Committee was convened to represent the views of the King Island community.

How was the Committee formed?

The process used to develop the committee involved:

  • inviting residents to express interest in becoming a member
  • receiving 49 initial expressions of interest
  • emailing/ mailing nomination forms to all who expressed interest
  • receiving 21 valid nomination forms
  • selecting 15 nominees from nominations received to represent a broad cross-section of the community.

What was the Committee’s role?

The role of the Committee was to:

  • represent the views of and encourage input from the community.
  • facilitate an increased understanding of the TasWind Proposal.
  • facilitate a more effective response from Hydro Tasmania to matters of importance to the community.

The Committee was not a decision-making body. The Committee undertook extensive engagement to ensure the community had the opportunity to learn about the project and the potential benefits and impacts of wind farms.

Please visit the Committee’s dedicated website.

Thanks to Committee members

The TasWind Consultative Committee met several times and was vital to engaging the community. Because of their efforts and dedication, many of the questions and concerns of the community were addressed at public forums. The Committee was dissolved after the community survey in mid-2013. We thank them for their time and dedication:

  • John Brewster
  • Duncan McFie
  • David I Kerr
  • Troy Smith
  • Karen Taplin
  • Brett Thorn
  • Ryan Haley
  • Mark Goode
  • Greg Barratt
  • Andrew Morris
  • Guy Barnes
  • Andrea Bowden
  • Rosemary Hallet
  • Peter Youd
  • Michael Crow
  • David Bowling
  • Peter Bowling