About the project

Hydro Tasmania is currently undertaking feasibility assessments, preliminary land-owner meetings, and exploring design, regulations, planning approvals, environmental and landscape impacts, costs, funding opportunities, issues and community support for the project.

Hydro Tasmania announced the TasWind project at concept stage, rather than as a fully scoped project. We chose this uncommon approach so we could involve the King Island community right from the start. This approach means that some of the information that we will eventually rely on in developing the project is not yet available.

Key dates

June 2013: Initial community support was assessed following extensive stakeholder and community consultation, and culminated in a community survey in early June 2013.

Mid-2013: Hydro Tasmania assessed the outcomes of preliminary investigations and community consultation and determined that TasWind would proceed to a full feasibility process.

2013 – 2015: The full feasibility stage should take around two years to complete and will involve detailed environmental investigations, wind monitoring, stakeholder and community consultation and economic assessments. Read more about what is involved in the feasibility process.

2015 – 2016: If the project is found to be feasible, and has the support of the King Island community, work will begin to achieve the range of regulatory approvals that are required for a project of this nature.

2017: If TasWind continues to have the support of the King Island community, and achieves all necessary approvals, construction could begin in 2017 and would take around two years to complete.